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Frequently Asked Questions
Answered by Owner & President, Sam Parks


1. What is the life expectancy of my heating and cooling system?

Sam's Answer. For your specific system there are many variables that will affect the life expectancy, of course the most important variable is how often you have your system inspected and serviced. A well maintained system should last 15 years of more.


2. How often should I change my air filter?

Sam's Answer. For good indoor air quality, I suggest it be replaced every month.


3. What is a SEER Rating?

Sam's Answer. SEER, Seasonal Energy Efficiency Rating is the rating your system has to determine how costly it will be to operate. Compare it to the miles per gallon rating for your automobile. The higher the SEER rating the more energy efficient your system will be and will cost you less to operate.


4. Do I have to pay for a new system estimate?

Sam's Answer. No, I do not charge for estimates.


5. How do I know if I have leaky ductwork?

Sam's Answer.Does your home stay dusty a lot? If it does, you could be pulling in dust and dirt through leaky return ducts in the crawlspace. Otherwise, abnormally high power bills could indicate you are leaking air from your system.


6. Will a programmable thermostat save me money?

Sam's Answer. Absolutely, by automating your temperature control within your home, you will save enough in just the first couple of months to pay for the new thermostat.


7. How often should I have my system serviced?

Sam's Answer. The type of system you have will determine how often it should be serviced. On average, 2 times a year; once in the fall and once in the spring should be sufficient.


By the way, to comply with your manufacturer’s warranty, you are required to have your system serviced on a regular basis.


8. What size heating and cooling unit do I need for my home?

Sam's Answer. I can help you with that; I can conduct a heat-loss, heat-gain load calculation on your home to determine the correct size unit. Bigger is not always better. A properly selected unit will not only keep your home comfortable, it will do so in the most economical way possible.


9. Why does my air condition unit freeze up in the summer?

Sam's Answer. It could be from a dirty air filter, a dirty indoor coil, or you could be low of refrigerate. If you see your system ice up, you should turn it off and let us come out and fix the problem. A system that continually ices up will eventually break down.


10. Do I need a maintenance agreement?

Sam's Answer. There are MANY advantages to being one of our Maintenance Agreement customers; here are just a few advantages:


Peace of mind that your system is in the best possible shape

Extended life expectancy

Priority service

Discount on any emergency parts

Fixed service cost for the year


11. Why do I have to switch to the new “Freon”?

Sam's Answer. As of January 2010, manufacturers will stop building the old R-22 units; they will be required to produce systems with the new ozone friendly 410-A. This new refrigerate has been around for a long time and there are a lot of 410-A systems in service today.


In 2015 the Federal Government is requiring a major cut-back in the production of the older R-22 refrigerate and in 2020 it will be discontinued altogether.

As we get closer to 2015 the cost of the older R-22 refrigerate will GREATLY increase in cost, just as the old R-12 did when it was phased out in the automotive industry.


By switching to a system with 410-A refrigerate you not only will save money, you will also help save our environment.


12. If I need to replace my condenser unit, do I have to replace the indoor unit too?

Sam's Answer. In most cases, you do. With phase out of the older R-22 systems, you may not be able to get matching indoor coils or blower units; therefore requiring you to replace the entire system.


13. Are your services guaranteed?

Sam's Answer. Absolutely! You do not pay until you are satisfied with our work. It’s that simple.





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